The pandemic has had significant impact on the global population. Strategies and countermeasures to address the Covid-19 pandemic and possible future epidemics and/or pandemics needed to be developed urgently. One way to reduce infection rates is to reduce and eliminate airborne viruses. This is especially critical indoors, as the majority of infections are caused by high viral loads in indoor spaces. A virus is usually transmitted by particles, free floating and/or aerosols- hence, inactivation of airborne pathogens will reduce the viral load.

Project CleanAir therefore relates to the application of an innovative air disinfection technology from Villinger featuring a spatially extended electrode design for removal and inactivation of airborne pathogens. This unique technology, referred to as LEA™ (Laminar Electrode Array) has been proven to provide powerful disinfection of air without the generation of hazardous by-products such as ozone, NOx or free radicals.