Expected Results

of the CleanAir innovative solution and expected benefits

A positive outcome of the CleanAir project will result in a powerful air purification and disinfection device that will be used primarily for the protection of medical staff and patients in medical facilities such as hospitals and other medical institutions

  • Particular attention will also be paid to systems that provide increased safety for near-person treatments where mouth/nose protection masks cannot be used, such as for dentist patients. The spread of infections caused by viruses and bacteria will be effectively reduced, protecting physicians and their patients. The technology addressed in this project can make a significant contribution to the health of the entire population and limit the spread of pandemics or epidemics, as well as generate a new standard of hygiene for enclosed spaces.
  • The initial target group and industry for the systems developed in the CleanAir project is physicians and patients in medical facilities. Since the technology can be installed in any type of indoor space without restriction, various other industries may also benefit in the future beyond the scope of the project to date. Following the successful implementation of the CleanAir project for medical applications, strategic research, development and manufacturing activities could therefore be extended to the following applications in the future:
  • Public buildings (malls, shopping centers, shops, restaurants, supermarkets, airports, offices)
  • Residential buildings
  • Aircraft interior
  • Interior of automotive vehicles
  • Interior of rail transport

CleanAir air disinfection technology can set new hygiene standards and make a significant contribution to safeguarding the health of society worldwide. Due to the wide range of applications and adaptations, these systems can be used to disinfect and decontaminate many indoor spaces.