Expected Results

of the CleanAir innovative solution and expected benefits

The successful outcome of the CleanAir Project will generate an innovative air cleaning and air disinfection device primarily intended to protect medical practitioners in dental medical installations, general medical doctors’ offices and treatment rooms and in hospital rooms for patients. The spread of infections generated by virus and bacteria will be effectively reduced and medical practitioners and their patients will be protected. The technology covered in this project can make a significant contribution to the health of the entire population and restrict the spread of pandemics or epidemics, as well as significantly improve the hygiene conditions in closed rooms.

The target group for the systems developed in the CleanAir project will initially be practitioners and patient in medical facilities. Since the technology can be installed without restriction in any type of interior, various other industries can benefit beyond the present scope of the project from this in the future as well.

The innovation of the air disinfection and air purification systems developed in the CleanAir project is that a new, high-performance disinfection process combined with very expandable application options can be created for use in all types of medical installations and interior of buildings. After the successful implementation of the CleanAir project for medical applications, the strategic R&D and manufacturing activities could therefore be extended to the following applications in future:

  • Public buildings (malls, shopping centers, shops, restaurants, supermarkets, airports, offices)
  • residential buildings
  • aircraft interior
  • interior of automotive vehicles
  • interior of rail transport

The CleanAir ionization technology will make a significant contribution to securing the health of society worldwide in the future. Due to the wide range of possible applications and options for adaptions, these systems can be used to disinfect and decontaminate many types of interior.