First experimental prototype built


The first functional prototype for the CleanAir air decontamination system has been built. This early prototype will set the basis for building further prototypes, which will be used to determine the effect of the designed system concepts in the operating environment.

Functional specifications have been defined


The market-based requirements for the CleanAir system have been defined. These requirements are based on inputs from medical advisers, performing preliminary field tests, literature research, market-, and regulatory research. The gathered information will serve as the basis for the design and development of the CleanAir air decontamination system and its validation.

Testing methodology has been defined


In order to ensure that the planned air decontamination system can be tested and validated in representative environments, several existing testing methodologies and procedures have been studied and the required testing vectors for the CleanAir system have been defined. Laboratory testing for reduction of virus content in air, as well as field testing by partners IRCCS NEUROMED and Danube Private University in medical treatment rooms will be performed.

CleanAir is starting


On November 26th and 2020 CleanAir has kicked-off. 

Seven partners from Austria, Germany, Italy and Israel will cooperate to develop an innovative air decontamination system for medical facilities and public spaces.